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Peak Practice (TV series)


Also known as: Médecins de l'ordinaire (France)
Director: Alan Grint, Terry McDonough, Rob Evans ... more
Release: 10 May 1993
Country: UK
Runtime: 50 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Children's Cast:

Ella Jones [11] Stacey (TV Episode: A Test of Faith) (2000)
Finn Atkins [11] Sarah Lloyd (TV Episode: For Love of the Child) (2000)
Danielle Watson [10] Kylie Thorpe (TV Episode: Electricity) (2000)
Rebecca Callard [18] Jazz Elliott (TV Episode: Sharp Practice) (1993)
Ben Marshall Paul Kelsey (TV Episode: The Price) (1997)
Ben Smith [10] Gary (TV Episode: Single Minded) (1999)
Steven Webb [17] Kurt Galbraith (TV Episode: Bad Medicine) (2001)
Samantha Morton [17] Abbey, aka Pauline Jones (TV Episode: Abbey) (1994)

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