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Twice in a Lifetime (TV series)

Twice in a Lifetime (USA)

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1999 August, 25
60 minutes
Production Company:

The inspiring and provocative series is back for a second season tapping into the universal fantasy: to be given a second chance to fix an error of the past. Every episode features a guest star playing a flawed person who dies suddenly. Waiting for him on the other side are two celestial figures: a guide, Mr. Smith, and Judge Othniel. The person is given the chance to return to earth and to a time when he went astray. Guided by Mr.Smith, the character has three days to cajole his younger self to not make the same mistake. By changing history, he can alter the future and the course of other lives affected by him. It is not easy as it first appears because the character must overcome deep biases and character flaws. Mr. Smith, who doesn't remember his own life on earth and death, struggles to make sense of human nature and to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. But by guiding others, he hopes to earn his own second chance. - IMDb

Defteri efkairia (transliterated title) Greece
Destine rascumparate Romania
Destins croisés France
Duas Vezes na Vida (cable TV title) Brazil
Játszd újra az életed! Hungary
Una segunda oportunidad Spain
Twice in a Lifetime Canada
Twice in a Lifetime Canada
Twice in a Lifetime USA
Zweimal im Leben West Germany
Życie do poprawki Poland
Дважды в жизни Russia
アナザー・ライフ〜天国からの3日間〜 Japan

Children's Cast:

Kevin Zegers [15] Young Flash Jericho (TV Episode: Blood Brothers) (1999)
Miko Hughes [14] Max Bogart (TV Episode: Curveball) (2000)
Marc Donato [12] Mikey at 12 (TV Episode: Then Love Came Along) (2001)
Michael Cera [11] Skateboarder #2 (TV Episode: The Blame Game) (1999)
Corey Sevier [16] Young Ethan O'Malley (TV Episode: The Frat Pack) (2000)
Max Morrow [9] Gabe / Young Sean Price (TV Episode: For Love and Money) (2000)
Kaleigh Nevin Emily (TV Episode: Whistle Blower) (2000)
Alex House [14] Billy - Age 12 (TV Episode: It's a Hard Knock Life) (2000)
Michael Seater [12] 12 Year Old Steven Stovall (TV Episode: Death and Taxes) (1999)
Robert Clark [12] Kyle (TV Episode: Blood Brothers) (1999)
Jordy Benattar [6] Little Kimberly Smith (TV Episode: Double Exposure) (1999)
Trevor Blumas [16] Teenage Ryan Storey / Young Ben Bogart (TV Episode: Curveball) (2000)
Jake Goldsbie [11] Mickey (TV Episode: Blood Brothers) (1999)
Robbie Bugbee [9] Baby Sam (TV Episode: The Sins of Our Fathers) (2000)
Byron Long Justin Posey (TV Episode: War of the Poseys) (2000)
Jennifer Pisana Lucy Rosetti (TV Episode: Mama Mia) (2001)
Laura Vandervoort [16] Misty Reynolds (TV Episode: Even Steven) (2000)
Sarah Gadon [13] Young Laura Burnham (TV Episode: Even Steven) (2000)
Brooke Nevin [17] Young Katie (TV Episode: Blood Brothers) (1999)
Hamille Rustia Hayley (TV Episode: It's a Hard Knock Life) (2000)
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