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Les filles du samedi

Aka: Saturday Girls (World-wide)
Director: Emilie Cherpitel
Year: 2011
Country: France
Genre: Short

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The Saturday GirlsEva (Cecile Cassel) awakens the following morning alone in bed in the home of the man she met and slept with the night before. She discovers that she is not alone when she meets a little boy, Leon (Antoine Rodet). After some questioning Eva finds out that Arthur (Vincent Marie), the man she slept with, is not Leon's father, but rather his uncle. Arthur had gone to play golf, as he normally does every Saturday morning. Eva asks who takes care of him while he's gone and he tells her that the "Saturday Girls" do, whom Eva is now one. The "Saturday Girls" either take care of him or leave him alone to fend for himself. Eva now reluctantly finds herself babysitting the little boy and after a slow, awkward start they spend the day having fun together from cooking (and making a very, big mess) to running around, and playing with all of his toys.It is dark inside when Arthur arrives later in the evening to find Eva and Leon asleep on the sofa. Eva awakens to find him sitting on the sofa and questions him about leaving him alone with her. She finds out that the home is not Arthur's, but belongs to his parents who are away on holiday for two weeks, and that Leon is his little brother. And she also finds out that he hadn't left him alone with her, but with the au pair upstairs. As Eva hears this bit of news you can see that Leon is smiling as he pretends to be asleep.As the end credits roll you hear a telephone ring and when an answering machine picks up it is Leon telling the au pair, Jennifer, that Arthur said to take the day off and he is going with him to golf and that he will see her tomorrow![In French with sub-titles.] - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Antoine Rodet [8] Léon

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