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For Your Love Only

Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Year: 1976
Runtime: 87 minutes

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The teenager Sina Wolf is having a love affair with her teacher Fichte, who is fifteen years older than she. One day, her former boyfriend Michael witnesses Sina making love with Fichte in the woods by the lake and he blackmails her. Sina meets him in the woods and Michael tries to rape her; however she hits him on the head with a big stone and kills Michael. She calls the police and tells to the Inspector Finke and his assistant that a stranger wearing green jacket tried to rape her but Michael defended her and the stranger killed him. The smart detective does not buy the story but pretends that he believes in it. However Michael told to his friend Ingrid "Inge" that Fichte and Sina are lovers and Inge tells the secret to her friend Katrin. Then she blackmails Fichte to get good grades; otherwise she is going to flunk the test and repeat the year. When Mrs. Fichte, who is the mathematic teacher, finds Michael's notebooks on his chair, she reads his comments about her husband and Sina and she learns that she has been betrayed. Inspector Finke takes Sina to Kiel to identify the corpse of the possible attacker and she confirms that he is the man that attacked Michael and her. However this is a trap of the inspector and his assistant to check if Sina is telling the truth. They stakeout her house and discover that Fichte is her lover. Now the teacher becomes the prime suspect of the police inspector. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Nastassja Kinski [15] Sina Wolf

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