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The First Auto

The First Auto (USA)

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1927 June, 27
75 minutes
Production Company:

Hank owns horses, stables horses and races horses. He favorite horse always wins and he is prosperous and will known. His son (Bob), however dreams only of the future of the horseless carriage and not of the horse. This causes problems between Hank and Bob. As the people in the town convert from horses to autos, Hank detests those who switch - so he looses his friends, his son Bob and finally his livery business. Bob leaves his flame Rose and goes to Detroit, gets involved with the auto industry and does very well. He does not forget Hank and promises to see him again, but Hank's hatred of the auto may cause the death of Bob. - IMDb

The First Auto USA
O Primeiro Automóvel Brazil
Первый автомобиль Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Ray Erlenborn [12] Boy