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Flash Forward (TV series)

Flash Forward (Australia)

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1995 December, 14
30 minutes
Family / Comedy
Production Company:

Tucker and Becca are close friends. So close that they live next door to one another with facing second story windows and share a birthday. Tucker is at times an absent minded goof-off while Becca tends to be opinated and in a hurry to grow up. Now in middle school, they find themselves caught in everyday events that turn into comical adventures. Throughout the show, Tucker, Becca, and their friends speak directly to the audience, telling the story as they remember how much more simple everything was when they were five. If they can survive junior high, then their friendship can survive anything. - IMDb

Chahut au bahut France
Flash Forward South Africa
Flash Forward Australia
Flash Forward Canada
Flash Forward Canada
Flash Forward Ecuador
Flash Forward United Kingdom
Flash Forward Mexico
Flash Forward Sweden
Flash Forward USA
Tucker e Becca, nemici per la pelle Italy
Tucker James, der Highschool-Blitz West Germany
Tucker, Becka i inni Poland
Мгновения грядущего Russia
フラッシュ・フォワード Japan
플래시 포워드 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Marc Donato [6] 5 Year Old Tucker James / 5 Year Old Tucker / 5 Year Old Becca (TV Episode: Cool Book) (1995)
Asia Vieira [14] Christine Harrison / Christine 'Chris' Harrison (TV Episode: Presents) (1996)
Jewel Staite [14] Rebecca 'Becca' Fisher / Becca Fisher / Rebecca Fisher (TV Episode: Presents) (1996)
Ricky Mabe [13] Horace James (TV Episode: House Party) (1996)
Ryan Gosling [16] Scott Stuckey (TV Episode: Double Bill) (1996)
Amos Crawley [15] Stanley Zito (TV Episode: Cool Book) (1996)
Renessa Blitz Lisa (TV Episode: Mudpack) (1997)
Stuart Stone [15] Jack Debbens (TV Episode: Curtain Call) (1995)
Jennifer Pisana Becca Fisher / 5 Year Old Becca (TV Episode: Cool Book) (1996)
Ben Foster [15] Tucker James
Caterina Scorsone [15] Darby (TV Episode: Saboteurs) (1996)
Benjamin Plener [14] Grotesque Boy (TV Episode: Cool Book) (1996)
Maia Filar Abbie Lee Coopers (TV Episode: Cool Book) (1996)
Dan Petronijevic [14] Joey Rizzo (TV Episode: I'm OK, You're a Jerk) (1995)
Hamille Rustia Girl in Hall (TV Episode: Cool Book) (1996)
Aaron Bartkiw Grotesque Boy / Boy in Cafeteria / Boy in Class (TV Episode: No More Good Days) (1995)
Akiva David [13] Boy in Cafeteria (TV Episode: I'm OK, You're a Jerk) (1995)
Melody Johnson [13] Maxine Morrow
Matthew Lemche [15] Roland Nembhard