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Due South (TV series 1994-1999)

Due South (United Kingdom)

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1994 April, 23
46 minutes
Adventure / Drama / Comedy / Crime


The third and fourth seasons of "Due South" pick up shortly after the first two left off. Fraser returns to Chicago, to find a blond has assumed Ray Vecchio's identity, and everyone just seems to accept it but him. Fraser and his new partner (real name Stanley Raymond Kowalski) soon find level ground to agree on, and work together to solve crimes on the mean streets of Chicago. - IMDb

Ausgerechnet Chicago (first season title) West Germany
Ausgerechnet Chikago Austria
Chicagon ratsupoliisi Finland
Direction: Sud Canada
Due South Canada
Due South Ecuador
Due South United Kingdom
Due South Netherlands
Due South USA
Due South South Africa
Due South Australia
Due South - Due poliziotti a Chicago Italy
Due South: The Series Canada
Fraser és a farkas Hungary
Ein Mountie in Chicago West Germany
Ein Mountie in Chikago Austria
Na południe Poland
Ratsapolitseinik Fraser ja koer Estonia
Rumbo al sur Spain
Rumo ao Sul Portugal
Smer jih Czechoslovakia
Tandem de choc Belgium
Tandem de choc Switzerland
Tandem de choc France
Tandem de șoc Romania
Un tandem de choc Canada
Un tandem de choc France
Uppdrag Chicago Sweden
Прямуючи на південь Ukraine
Строго на юг Russia
騎馬警官 Japan

Children's Cast:

Lisa Jakub [16] Christina Nichols (TV Episode: Chicago Holiday: Part 1) (1994)
Marc Donato [5] Little Kid / Small Boy / Little Boy (TV Episode: A Cop, a Mountie, and a Baby) (1994)
Jamie Williams [13] Mick (TV Episode: Mountie Sings the Blues) (1998)
Trevor Blumas [14] Young Fraser (TV Episode: Easy Money) (1998)
Daniel DeSanto [14] Jerry (TV Episode: Chicago Holiday: Part 1) (1994)
Azura Bates Lucy (TV Episode: Diefenbaker's Day Off) (1994)
Benjamin Plener [14] 12-Year-Old Agent #2 (TV Episode: The Edge) (1996)
Aaron Ashmore [17] Teenager (TV Episode: Juliet Is Bleeding) (1996)
Tyler Kyte [13] Young Raymond (TV Episode: Eclipse) (1997)
Alexander Broughton Elevator Boy (TV Episode: Victoria's Secret: Part 1) (1995)
Ashley Brown 12-Year-Old Agent #1 (TV Episode: The Edge) (1996)
Jared Wall Robbie Morse (TV Episode: The Bounty Hunter) (1997)
Hayley Lochner [6] Sue Morse (TV Episode: The Bounty Hunter) (1997)
Diana Salvatore Young Stella (TV Episode: Eclipse) (1997)
David Taylor [15] Sven (TV Episode: Burning Down the House) (1997)