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Bad Boy

Bad Boy (USA)
Dawg (USA)

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2002 February, 21
83 minutes
Drama / Comedy / Romance
Production Company:


A lifelong womanizer (Doug 'Dawg' Munford, played by 'Denis Leary') learns upon his grandmother's death that he stands to inherit her full fortune - that he was unaware she had accrued - pending his fulfillment of conditions set forth in her last will & testament, according to her strikingly beautiful, savvy attorney ('Anna Lockheart', played by Elizabeth Hurley), who would be charged with accompanying him on his journey in order to ensure he properly & honestly accomplishes the "mission", which is to locate and elicit forgiveness from 1 dozen of his former conquests, if he chooses to accept it. Bickering, adventure, road trip, and a few surprises ensue featuring lawyer & heir as they encounter an eclectic array of interesting characters from his past, eventually leading to an opportunity for him to reflect on his lifestyle. Did Grandma have an ulterior motive? - IMDb

Красавчик Дуглас Мэнфорд весьма легкомысленно всегда обходился с женщинами. Но по завещанию умершей бабушки он сможет вступить в права наследства лишь при условии, что хотя бы дюжина из брошенных им подружек простит его. А наследство составляет ни много ни мало - миллион долларов. И Дуглас отправляется в дорогу на поиски бывших возлюбленных. А сопровождает его очаровательная поверенная в делах наследства Анна, которая должна тщательно следить за выполнением поставленного условия...

Bad Boy USA
Bad Boy - Ein Weiberheld muss büßen West Germany
Băiatul cel rău Romania
Bocsánatos bűnös Hungary
Chico Malo Spain
Dawg USA
Dawg United Kingdom
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恋のおかたづけしましョ! Japan

Children's Cast:

Steffani Brass [10] Lindsay Anne Wickman
Matt Weinberg [11] Doug 'Dawg' Munford - Age 7
Charlie Stewart [8] Dawg's Friend #2
Antoine Maurice Dawg's Friend #1
Chandler Riley Hecht [8] Krissy Tate