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Heaven Help Us (TV series)

Heaven Help Us (United Kingdom)

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1994 August, 25
60 minutes
Drama / Comedy / Fantasy

Doug and Lexy Monroe are a couple just married that die in an airplane crash. Inmediately after both appear in the 13th floor of a hotel (a ghost floor, because the hotels only have got 12), where Mr. Shepherd explains that due to an unintentional jurisdiction crossing between the Heaven's supervisors they must return to Earth to help people until the bosses of Mr. Shepherd decide if they goes to Heaven. Meanwhile their souls be in this test time, both will live in the 13th floor like a temporal house in the waiting for the final resolution. Acting as personal supervisor, Shepherd will gives and control to Doug and Lexy in their different missions, hoping that they make a good job for that both to win the Heaven someday. - IMDb

Ángeles en el paraíso Spain
Curso del 65 Ecuador
Heaven Help Us United Kingdom
Heaven Help Us Mexico
Heaven Help Us USA
Z pomocą niebios Poland

Children's Cast:

Brian Bonsall [13] Barnett's Son (TV Episode: A Match Made in Heaven) (1994)