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Good Bad Boy

The Good Bad Boy (USA)

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1924 June, 1
Production Company:

John Benson is an inventor, but not a particularly successful one, and spends a lot of time drinking. His son Billy, in turn, spends a lot of time defending his father, often with his fists, and consequently has few friends. One day, however, one of John's inventions actually works, and crooked lawyer Sidney Martin and his cohort, Walter Howe, think it can make money so they plan to steal it. They frame Benson and get him thrown in jail. Billy has to clear his father's name, get him out of jail and take the invention back from the two crooks. - IMDb

Âme de gosse France
The Good Bad Boy USA

Children's Cast:

Joe Butterworth [13] Billy Benson
Mary Jane Irving [10] Judge Fawcett's daughter
Dorothy Seay [8] Child