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Die Grünen Hügel von Wales

Also known as: Unter den Hügeln von Wales (Germany: working title)
Director: Andi Niessner
Release: 26 Nov 2010
Country: Germany

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Alex inherited her recently deceased grandmother's cottage in Wales. Having lost her husband a year ago and being broke, she moves there with her son, hoping to quickly sell the cottage, so she can use the money to purchase an antiquities shop in London. But with the cottage in dire need for repairs and no potential buyers in sight, she is forced to stay for some time. While there, she meets up with an old friend of hers, who wants to be more than friends, and also runs into an intriguing local politician who is already engaged. She supports the politician's goal of creating a nature preserve right outside of town, although she falls short of pledging some of her land to the cause in order to not upset potential buyers of her property. When her aunt suffers a fall and gets hospitalized, Alex temporarily takes over her aunt's shop. While the love triangle gathers steam between Alex and her two suitors, a local gold digger suddenly claims that there might be gold right under her property, which forces Alex to make some tough decisions... - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Dominik Jahn [15] David Stapleton

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