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Nanny and the Professor (TV series 1970-1971)

Nanny Will Do (USA: working title)

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1970 January, 21
30 minutes
Production Company:

Ever-cheerful Nanny helps the Everett family with her subtly magical abilities, such as seemingly reading minds, seeing the future or making fortunate coincidences happen. - IMDb

Nanny (French title) Canada
Nanny et le professeur France
Nanny und der Professor West Germany
Nanny Will Do (working title) USA
La tata e il professore Italy
ぼくらのナニー (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Jodie Foster [8] Angela (TV Episode: The Scientific Approach) (1970)
Kim Richards [6] Prudence (TV Episode: Whatever Happened to Felicity?) (1970)
Jimmy Bracken [13] John (TV Episode: The Tyrannosaurus Tibia) (1970)
Kerry MacLane [12] Steve Walters (TV Episode: Nanny and the Smoke-Filled Room) (1970)
Leif Garrett [9] Billy (TV Episode: The Human Element) (1970)
Eric Olson [9] Donnie Dodge (TV Episode: A Diller, a Dollar) (1971)
Clint Howard [12] Timmy McGovern (TV Episode: One for the Road) (1971)
Eric Shea [10] Rodney / Franklin (TV Episode: The Human Element) (1970)
Sean Kelly [14] Tommy Lauderbach (TV Episode: The Philosopher's Stone) (1970)
Kevin McCarley [11] Artie / Chuck (TV Episode: The Humanization of Herbert T. Peabody) (1970)
David Alan Bailey [19] Danny (TV Episode: Oh, What a Tangled Web) (1971)
Vincent Van Patten [13] Tommy (TV Episode: The Humanization of Herbert T. Peabody) (1970)
Stephen R. Hudis [13] Billy Carlson (TV Episode: The Masculine-Feminine Mystique) (1970)
David Doremus [13] Hal (TV Episode: Professor Pygmalion Plays Golf) (1970)
Trent Lehman [9] Butch (TV Episode: Whatever Happened to Felicity?) (1970)

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