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The Fugitive (TV series 1963-1967)

The Fugitive (USA)

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1963 September, 17
51 minutes
Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Dr. Richard Kimble is accused as the murderer of his wife, tried and convicted. On his way to be executed, he escapes. The only chance to prove his innocence is to find the man who killed his wife. Kimble, pursued by Lt. Gerard, risks his life several times when he shows his identity to help other people out of trouble. - IMDb

Auf der Flucht West Germany
Auf der Flucht West Germany
Evadatul Romania
Il fuggiasco Italy
Le fugitif Canada
Le fugitif France
Le fugitif India
The Fugitive Philippines
The Fugitive Singapore
The Fugitive USA
The Fugitive South Africa
The Fugitive Australia
The Fugitive Canada
The Fugitive Canada
The Fugitive Ecuador
The Fugitive United Kingdom
The Fugitive Hong Kong
The Fugitive India
The Fugitive Netherlands
El Fugitivo Argentina
El Fugitivo Spain
El Fugitivo Mexico
El Fugitivo Peru
El Fugitivo Venezuela
Jagad Sweden
Jaget Norway
Kaçak Turkey
O Fugitivo Brazil
O Fugitivo Portugal
O fygas (transliterated title) Greece
Ścigany Poland
Takaa-ajettu Finland
Utecenec Slovakia
Ο φυγάς Greece
Беглец Soviet Union
法網恢恢 Taiwan
逃亡者 Japan
도망자 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Ron Howard [10] Gus (TV Episode: Cry Uncle) (1964)
Bill Mumy [10] David Taft (TV Episode: Home Is the Hunted) (1964)
Rory Stevens [12] First boy (TV Episode: Approach with Care) (1966)
Debi Storm [7] Nancy Franklyn (TV Episode: All the Scared Rabbits) (1965)
Jimmy Bracken [9] Charlie Oates (TV Episode: The 2130) (1966)
Jeffrey Byron [9] Glen Pryor (TV Episode: Tiger Left, Tiger Right) (1964)
Kurt Russell [13] Eddie / Philip Gerard Jr. (TV Episode: Nemesis) (1964)
Charles Herbert [15] Cal (TV Episode: Nightmare at Northoak) (1963)
Kevin Tate [10] Boy in Pool (TV Episode: Where the Action Is) (1964)
Flip Mark [16] Kenny Hallop (TV Episode: Taps for a Dead War) (1964)
Pat Cardi [15] Gary Reed (TV Episode: In a Plain Paper Wrapper) (1966)
Donald Losby [12] Sean DeBose / Mark Welles (TV Episode: Fear in a Desert City) (1963)
Clint Howard [5] Johnny Stransel / Billy Taft (TV Episode: Home Is the Hunted) (1964)
Jimmy Stiles Joey / Joey Anderson / Jimmy (TV Episode: Approach with Care) (1965)
Michel Petit Jimmie (TV Episode: Never Stop Running) (1964)
Ronnie Dapo [13] Oldest Boy (TV Episode: Landscape with Running Figures: Part 1) (1965)
Tommy Alexander [24] Bellhop (TV Episode: Running Scared) (1966)
Kevin Brodie [13] Johnny (TV Episode: Nicest Fella You'd Ever Want to Meet) (1965)
Scott Edmund Lane [12] Larry Springer (TV Episode: Nightmare at Northoak) (1963)
Michael Shea [14] Rick (TV Episode: In a Plain Paper Wrapper) (1966)
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