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2012 September, 22
94 minutes
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A tragic-comedy story about life's great secrets. One cold January morning the three siblings Donna (16 years), Rianne (14 years) and Plet (11) find their mother lying dead on the kitchen floor with four tickets to Barbados... Outside, a raging storm temporarily prevents the three kids calling for help. After the initial shock has subsided, it dawns on them the true implications of their mother's death: Plet will be staying with his erratically violent father and Donna and Rianne, since their father is dead, will be placed in a juvenile pension. They decide to keep Mum's death a secret and put her in the cold barn. However keeping up appearances is demanding, particularly when family and friends, neighbours and an increasingly suspicious community try to intrude all wanting to talk with their Mum. The bills pile up, as do the food and clothes to buy, schools to be cared for, homework to be done. Donna, Rianne and Plet find creative ways to take care of these, all the while dealing with the pain that they can only share with each other. Gradually they find out that Mum had secrets and there are indications that her chaotic and love filled life as Danish pop singer, cherry farmer and housewife, were just a few sides of a colorful person. For better or worse the many practical tasks brings the three kids closer to each other and themselves, and finally they are ready to go to confession, and when they do, they learn that they're all love children of Mum and her one true love Dennis - found these days living in Barbados! Mum is buried neatly and Donna, Rianne and Plet fly off to meet their mutual father... - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Nanna Koppel [16] Rianne
August Igor Svideniouk Egholm [14] Plet

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