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Nase bláznivá rodina

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1968 August, 30
74 minutes
Comedy / Family

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Everybody wears glasses in the family of twelve-year old Jana, and everybody is also quite mad. Jana often has bad luck - one time she breaks her arm, another time her leg or something else. The family always visits her in the hospital, and when the girl returns home, there are always many gifts waiting for her. Upon her most recent return, Jana notices that things are out of tune between the parents and that father does not sleep with mother in the bedroom. She reveals to her older sister Zuza her worries that their parents want to get divorced. Both girls begin to act immediately, trying to find out first if the parents have someone else. - IMDb

Eine verrückte Familie East Germany
Az Én bolondos familiám Hungary
Familia noastră trăsnită (poster title) Romania
Naša bláznivá rodina Slovakia
Nase bláznivá rodina Czechoslovakia
Nasza zwariowana rodzinka Poland
Unsere verrückte Familie East Germany
Unsere verrückte Familie West Germany
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Children's Cast:

Jan Kraus [15] Boy in a phone booth
Bohumila Houdková Jana Solnicková