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Instant Mom (TV series)

Instant Mom (USA)

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2013 September, 29
21 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family
Production Company:

Stephanie is a former party girl who trades in her cocktails for carpools when she instantly adds three children to her life by marrying their father, Charlie. Needless to say, she struggles to find a balance between her fun-loving and slightly irresponsible lifestyle with being a full-time stepmother. As she learns what being a mother is about, partially with help from her own mom, Stephanie tries to do things her own way. Among the motherly experiences she has are being on the parents' dance committee and planning a 'staycation' for her family. - IMDb

L'apprentie Maman France
Instant anyu Hungary
Instant Mom USA
Instant Mom South Africa
Instant Mom Australia
Instant Mom Canada
Instant Mom Canada
Instant Mom West Germany
Instant Mom United Kingdom
Instant Mom Italy
Instant Mom Netherlands
Instant Mom Singapore
W roli mamy Poland
Мачеха Russia

Children's Cast:

Mckenna Grace [7] Sam (TV Episode: Forty-Two Inches of Pure Evil) (2013)
Kyle Red Silverstein [12] (TV Episode: Popular Mechanics) (2014)
Haley Pullos [15] Molly (TV Episode: Ain't Over Till It's Over) (2013)
Raymond Ochoa [14] Blix / Rudy (TV Episode: International Incident) (2015)
Tyler Corbet Eric (TV Episode: Teacher's Pest) (2014)
Amarr M. Wooten Dean (TV Episode: Popular Mechanics) (2014)
Isaak Presley [12] Peety (TV Episode: Popular Mechanics) (2014)
Brooke D. Singleton Raegan (TV Episode: Playa Hata) (2015)
Trevor Gore Sam (TV Episode: Popular Mechanics) (2014)
Lauren Reel Student (TV Episode: Thumper for President) (2015)
Breanna Yde [12] Grace (TV Episode: Thumper for President) (2015)
Malachi Barton [8] Trevor (TV Episode: Two Guys and a Gabby) (2015)
Soni Bringas [13] Max Weaver (TV Episode: Bawamo Shazam) (2015)
Dominic Kline Student #1 (TV Episode: Crimes of Fashion) (2015)
A.J. Hudson Kid #1 (TV Episode: Children of the Candy Corn) (2014)