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From the Earth to the Moon (mini)

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1998 April, 5
60 minutes
Action / Drama / History / Thriller
$ 68 000 000


The twelve episodes follow the Apollo space program from a variety of viewpoints: (1) "Can We Do This?" maps the origins of Apollo and its Mercury and Gemini roots; (2) "Apollo 1" tells of the tragic fire and the subsequent finger-pointing; (3) "We Have Cleared the Tower" portrays the intense preparation for Apollo 7; (4) "1968" puts Apollo 8 into its historical context against events of the era; (5) "Spider" shows the engineering POV through the design, building, and testing of the LEMs with Apollos 9 and 10, (6) "Mare Tranquilitatis" shows the deeper considerations behind the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing; (7) "That's All There Is" portrays the camaraderie of the Apollo 12 crew; (8) "We Interrupt This Program" shows a by-now-indifferent media galvanized by the events of Apollo 13; (9) "For Miles and Miles" tells of Alan Shepherd's return to the manned program with Apollo 14 after being grounded between Mercury and Gemini; (10) "Galileo Was Right" show the non-piloting demands on the Apollo 15 astronauts as they train in lunar field geology; (11) "The Original Wives Club" gives the female POV through the wives of the New Nine; and (12) "La Voyage Dans La Lune" brings things full circle by contrasting Georges Méliès's vision and drive in creating his 1902 film with Apollo 17 and the Apollo program's close. - IMDb

Apo ti Gi sti Selini (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Avaruuden sankarit Finland
Da Terra à Lua Brazil
Fra jorden til månen Denmark
De La terre à la lune France
De La Tierra a la Luna Spain
De La Tierra a la Luna Venezuela
Od Zemlje do Meseca Serbia
Od Zemlje do Mjeseca Croatia
Operaatio: Kuu Finland
A Végtelen szerelmesei - Az Apolló-program Hungary
Z Ziemi na Ksiezyc Poland
С Земли на Луну Russia

Children's Cast:

Shawn Pyfrom [12] Ten Year Old Boy (TV Episode: That's All There Is) (1998)
Brittany Snow [12]

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