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The Lively Set

The Lively Set (United Kingdom)

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1964 September, 11
95 minutes
Drama / Action
Production Company:

Casey Owens (James Darren), a young mechanic, has developed a design for a turbine car engine, paving the way for a jet-powered auto certain to set a new land speed record. Wealthy playboy Stanford Rogers (Peter Mann) hires Casey to build the car for him to race in the Tri-State Endurance Run. Chuck Manning (Doug McClure), an engineering student Casey met in a drag race, discovers potential flaws in the car's design. After an unsuccessful test run, Rogers abandons the turbine-powered car for a traditional racing model, but Casey and Chuck rework the turbine vehicle to compete with Rogers in the endurance run. Pamela Tiffin plays Eadie, Chuck's sister who becomes Casey's love interest. - IMDb

100 hiliades dollaria ston aera (transliterated title) Greece
Audacias Juveniles Chile
Audacias juveniles Argentina
Audacias juveniles Mexico
Demônios da Pista Brazil
Det store jet-bilrace Denmark
Gli impetuosi Italy
Hårda tag på racerbanan Sweden
Los impetuosos Venezuela
Kaasu pohjaan Finland
De Levenslustige Ploeg Belgium
The Lively Set United Kingdom
The Lively Set India
The Lively Set USA
Os Impetuosos Portugal
Pleins phares Belgium
Pleins phares Canada
Pleins phares France
Ein Tollkühner Draufgänger West Germany
若さでブッ飛ばせ! Japan

Children's Cast:

Robert Oakley [3] Cameraman