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Liv and Maddie (TV series)

Liv and Maddie (USA)
Liv and Maddie: Cali Style (USA: fourth season title)

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2013 July, 19
22 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family

Two identical twins Liv, a popular television star whose hit show has just finished its run, and Maddie, an outstanding student and school basketball phenomenon whose popularity is on the rise, that is until Liv makes a triumphant return to their Wisconsin high school and complicating their teenage life even more is that their parents both work at their school. - IMDb

Liv a Maddie Czechoslovakia
Liv and Maddie Canada
Liv and Maddie Singapore
Liv and Maddie Ecuador
Liv and Maddie USA
Liv and Maddie Australia
Liv and Maddie South Africa
Liv and Maddie Israel
Liv and Maddie India
Liv and Maddie India
Liv and Maddie South Korea
Liv and Maddie Indonesia
Liv and Maddie Philippines
Liv and Maddie United Kingdom
Liv and Maddie: Cali Style (fourth season title) USA
Liv e Maddie Italy
Liv e Maddie Brazil
Liv e Maddie Portugal
Liv en Maddie Netherlands
Liv és Maddie Hungary
Liv et Maddie Canada
Liv et Maddie France
Liv i Maddie Poland
Liv i Medi Serbia
Liv ja Maddie Finland
Liv och Maddie Finland
Liv och Maddie Sweden
Liv og Maddie Norway
Liv og Maddie Denmark
Liv und Maddie West Germany
Liv ve Maddie Turkey
Liv y Maddie (alternative transliteration) Venezuela
Liv y Maddie Spain
Liv y Maddie Mexico
Λιβ και Μάντι Greece
Лив и Мэдди Russia
うわさのツインズ リブとマディ Japan
莉芙與小曼 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Cameron Boyce [16] Krahgg (TV Episode: Prom-A-Rooney) (2015)
Shane Cambria [14] Splat (TV Episode: Kathy Kan-A-Rooney) (2014)
Cozi Zuehlsdorff [15] Ocean (TV Episode: Steal-A-Rooney) (2013)
Landry Bender Cyd Ripley (TV Episode: Haunt-A-Rooney) (2015)
J.J. Totah Skeeter Parham (TV Episode: Slumber Party-A-Rooney) (2016)
Tenzing Norgay Trainor Parker Rooney (TV Episode: Episode #3.20) (2013)
Ella Anderson [8] Jenny Keene (TV Episode: Fa-la-la-A-Rooney) (2013)
Allen Alvarado [17] Skippy Ramirez (TV Episode: Skate-A-Rooney) (2013)
Lauren Lindsey Donzis Ruby
Ariana Greenblatt [8] Raina (TV Episode: Joy To-A-Rooney) (2015)
Chloe East [15] Val Wishart
Luana Pires [11] Lucie
Ariela Barer [17] Shayna (TV Episode: Muffler-A-Rooney) (2015)
Lauren Taylor [17] Shelby Marcus (TV Episode: Haunt-A-Rooney) (2015)