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Newhart (TV series 1982-1990)

Newhart (Australia)

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1982 October, 25
30 minutes
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Dick Loudon and his wife Joanna decide to leave life in New York City and buy a little inn in Vermont. Dick is a how-to book writer, who eventually becomes a local TV celebrity as host of "Vermont Today." George Utley is the handyman at the inn and Leslie Vanderkellen is the maid, with ambitions of being an Olympic Ski champion; she is later replaced by her cousin Stephanie, an heiress who hates her job. Her boyfriend is Dick's yuppie TV producer, Michael Harris. There are many other quirky characters in this fictional little town, including Dick's neighbors Larry, Darryl, and Darryl...three brothers who buy the Minuteman Cafe from Kirk Devane. Besides sharing a name, Darryl and Darryl never speak (until the final episode). - IMDb

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Newhart South Africa
Newhart Australia
Newhart Canada
Newhart Canada
Newhart West Germany
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Newhart United Kingdom
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Newhart USA
Ньюхарт Soviet Union
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Children's Cast:

Scott Curtis [10] Mitch Stevens (TV Episode: Much Ado About Mitch) (1986)
Casey Ellison [11] Jimmy McGuire (TV Episode: Support Your Local Shifflet) (1987)
Jason Marin [15] Georgie (TV Episode: Georgie and Bess) (1989)
Kevin Brando [13] Boy in Diner (TV Episode: What Is This Thing Called Lust?) (1983)
Adam Carl [15] Brian Van Cleve (TV Episode: Dwight Schmidlapp Is Not a Quitter) (1986)
Edan Gross [9] Little Boy (TV Episode: The First of the Belles) (1987)
Jerry Supiran [10] Ted Ward (TV Episode: Animal Attractions) (1983)
Ian Fried [13] Timmy (TV Episode: Telethon Man) (1987)
Jeremy Scott Reinbolt Boy (TV Episode: Heaven Knows Mr. Utley) (1983)
Anne Marie McEvoy [11] Ranger Girl (TV Episode: Camp Stephanie) (1986)
Candace Hutson [10] Baby Stephanie (TV Episode: The Last Newhart) (1990)
Priscilla Weems [11] Girl in Diner (TV Episode: What Is This Thing Called Lust?) (1983)