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Dokter Tinus (TV series)

Director: Marcel Visbeen, Marc Willard, André van Duren ... more
Year: 2012
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Amsterdam surgeon Martinus Elsenbosch succeeds the old, popular only GP in country village Wourkem, where his aunt Jannie lives. The locals are as stubborn in their largely outdated ways as snobbish wise-guy Martinus, whom they re-dub Tinus, in upholding his status and proclaiming doctors orders, which are often ignored, worst of all by the grossly incompetent, irreverent assistant Kim, which he 'inherits' with the practice. Naive sole constable Ken tries to mediate, foxy teacher Lisa de Graaf is often attracted to the intellectual, like bright pupil Bas, as soften revolted by his insensitive side or what appears so. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Vincent Visser [11] Bas van Deurse (TV Episode: Geen pret in bed) (2012)
Jelle Stout Tividor Steenman (TV Episode: Een ouderwetse ziekte) (2013)
Mees Slokkers [10] Theo van der Veen (TV Episode: Kapsones) (2014)
Brennan Wilkes Jos (TV Episode: Afscheid nemen bestaat nog niet) (2015)
Liz Vergeer Tineke van der Linden (TV Episode: De getuige) (2017)
Florian Regtien Bas van Deurse (TV Episode: Stante pede) (2016)

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