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De Geheimen van Barslet (TV series)

Aka: The Secrets of Barslet (World-wide)
Director: Boris Paval Conen
Year: 2011
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 50 minutes
Genre: Drama

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In the middle of nowhere lies the little Dutch village: Barslet. The only strange thing about the village seems to be the name, which means "bar slut" in Dutch. But there is also a different interpretation of the name. "Bars" means "unfriendly" in Dutch and "let" is medieval Dutch for "people". So Barslet means "unfriendly people". Barslet seems to be an ordinary and peaceful village. But if you believe that, you're mistaken. Within a short period of time the villagers are shaken up by lots of strange events: a pyromaniac terrorizes the village, a boy dies in mysterious circumstances, a child seems to be able to predict the future, and to the amazement of everyone, living fish fall out of the sky on the village square. In the 7 episodes of the television series the viewer sees the same sequence of events, but each time through the eyes of a different villager. In this way the viewer learns more about the reasons for the strange events, but each answer also leads to new questions. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Robert Ruigrok van der Werve Abel Bouwman (TV Episode: Nashwa) (2011)

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