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K-9 Adventures: A Christmas Tale

Scoot & Kassie's Christmas Adventure (USA)

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2013 November, 5
86 minutes
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It's the Christmas season. Widowed Paul Stevenson and his two daughters, fifteen year old Esther Stevenson and ten year old Kassie Stevenson, have just moved to the winter resort town of Heber Valley, Utah, where Paul will be the general manager of the Heber Valley Bank. Kassie in particular is afraid she won't make friends, especially since her school doesn't have a music program. Music and singing is one of her passions, one of the ways she stays connected to the memory of her musician mother. Kassie stumbles upon an injured and abandoned German Shepard, who, with Esther's help, nurses him back to health while hiding the fact of who they eventually name Scoot from their father, who they believe will not let them keep him. But upon finding out about him, Paul does allow them to keep Scoot, who Kassie considers her first real friend in Heber Valley. Kassie is eventually able to use music in the form of the children's choir at the local church to find her place in town. She and the other choir kids mobilize their talents to raise money for the Toys for Tots Christmas charity, donations which were in short supply due largely to the fact of there being no snow in a town that relies on winter tourists. As the donations, which are being kept in a locked glass box in the middle of bank, increase, Kassie and her friends are unaware of two things. First, the two security guards Paul just hired are really criminals who plan to rob the Toys for Tots donation box. And second, Scoot is really a Fort Collins, Colorado police dog named Jake who thwarted the two crooks' last robbery, who was left for dead by the two crooks when they had the opportunity for revenge, and who remembers well the two who tried to kill him. - IMDb

Бывший полицейский пес по кличке Скут попадает в беду, но от неминуемой гибели его спасает девочка Кэсси. Подружившись, Скут и Кэсси помогают детскому хору собирать рождественские пожертвования для обездоленных детей. Но однажды, когда они появляются в офисе отца Кэсси, Скут узнает своих обидчиков, которые к тому же оказываются мошенниками и хотят завладеть всеми собранными деньгами. Теперь друзьям предстоит остановить мошенников и спасти Рождественский праздник.

K9 - Das große Weihnachtsabenteuer Germany
Noël Tous en Choeur (DVD title) France
Egy Rendőrkutya kalandjai: Karácsonyi történet Hungary
Scoot & Kassie's Christmas Adventure USA
Scoot poliziotto a 4 zampe Italy
К-9: Рождественские приключения Russia

Children's Cast:

Anson Bagley Justin
Ariana Bagley Kassie Stevenson
Kalvin Stinger Cole Marberger

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