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Promised Land (TV series 1996-1999)

Aka: Az Ígéret földje (Hungary)
Director: Victor Lobl, Stuart Margolin, Burt Brinckerhoff ... more
Year: 1996
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama

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When Russell Greene loses his job, he decides to go on the road with his family. So he gathers his wife, Claire, his son, Josh, his daughter, Dinah, his mother, Hattie, and his nephew, Nathaniel and hits the road. With only an old Suburban, a trailer, and a dream, Russell and his family are now traveling across the country in search of adventure and helping many people along the way. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Thora Birch [15] Allison Rhodes (TV Episode: Running Scared) (1997)
Courtland Mead [10] Matthew Mills (TV Episode: The Road Home: Part 2) (1997)
Julia Stiles [15] Megan Walker (TV Episode: The Secret) (1996)
Kelsey Mulrooney [10] Sara (TV Episode: The Getaway) (1997)
Noley Thornton [15] Maria Elias (TV Episode: Mirror Family) (1998)
Sean Nelson [17] Calvin Cantrell (TV Episode: Amazing Grace: Part 2) (1997)
Trever O'Brien [13] Joey Conroy (TV Episode: Bookworm) (1997)
Vanessa Lee Chester [13] Emily Dixon (TV Episode: Stealing Home: Part 1) (1997)
Zachery Ty Bryan [16] Ryan Gerhart (TV Episode: Mr. Muscles) (1997)
Jarrett Lennon [17] Mouse (TV Episode: A Day in the Life) (1999)
Austin O'Brien [15] Josh Greene (TV Episode: Finale) (1996)
Julia Whelan [14] Mazie Andrus (TV Episode: On My Honor) (1998)
Kyle Sullivan [10] Connor Hixon (TV Episode: Restoration) (1998)
Andrew J. Ferchland [10] Brian (TV Episode: Stealing Home: Part 1) (1997)
Grady Hutt [13] Billy Halpern (TV Episode: Purple Heart) (1998)
Emile Hirsch [14] Walter Elliott (TV Episode: A Day in the Life) (1999)
Zachary Charles [12] Wesley Elias (TV Episode: Mirror Family) (1998)
Asher Metchik [11] Ben (TV Episode: Bookworm) (1997)

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