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Si Paris nous était conté

My Rating: /10
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1956 January, 27
130 minutes
Comedy / Drama / History

A witty journey through the history of Paris told to a group of students by Sacha Guitry, from its foundation at the time of Caesar to 1955. Among others you will meet King Charles VII making Agnès Sorel his mistress; you will witness the creation of printing spurred on by King Louis XI; share the life in the Louvres Palace at the time of King François Ier; spend the last night before St Bartholomew's massacre; be horrified by the murder of Henri III by a fanatical monk, watch the abjuration of protestantism by King Henri IV; try to resolve the Man in the Iron Mask enigma; take part in the storming of the Bastille, be present at the execution of King Louis XVI and at the trial of Queen Marie-Antoinette; participate in the Paris Commune, take sides in the Dreyfus affair. - IMDb

Gdyby Paryż nam to opowiedział Poland
If Paris Were Told to Us  
Se Paris falasse... Portugal
Si Paris nous était conté Belgium
Si Paris nous était conté Spain
Si Paris nous était conté France
Когда б Париж поведал нам Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Claudy Chapeland [11] Louis XIII enfant
Dominique Viriot [7] Louis XIV enfant