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Lapislazuli - Im Auge des Bären

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2006 February, 14
106 minutes
Adventure / Drama / Family


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Right in the middle of the Alpine wilderness, a fiery meteorite crashes into a glacier and brings a frozen Neanderthal boy to life. This boy, Bataa, meets Sophie, a young girl who has run away from a holiday cottage in the mountains. At the beginning, they seem to be separated by language and time, but soon they discover some similarities: Sophie lost her mother and cannot seem to get along with her new patchwork family. Bataa too feels lost and longs for his family. They both need each other and experience a special friendship which suddenly becomes endangered when scientists start to track them down and try to capture Bataa like a wild animal. Sophie helps him to escape. They hide in an old cave, a sacred site for the Neanderthals, and Bataa dyes his hair the color of lapis lazuli. When Bataa falls ill, Sophie convinces him to go with her into the valley. But the closer they get to modern civilization, the worse Bataa’s illness becomes. Sophie realizes that Bataa cannot survive in today’s world and a race against time begins.

Lapislazuli - A medve szeme Hungary

Children's Cast:

Julia Krombach [14] Sophie
Clarence John Ryan Bataa

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