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Engel, die ihre Flügel verbrennen

Angels Who Burn Their Wings (United Kingdom)

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1970 September, 1
West Germany
93 minutes
Crime / Drama / Romance
Production Company:

Munich at night: Robert Susmeit, a 16-year-old teenager who is jealously obsessed with his mother Hilde, traces her and her latest lover at a mundane apartment building where he kills the man in the heat of the moment at a swimming pool. His fatal outburst is secretly witnessed by Moni Dingeldey, a girl of the same age as his. Fascinated by the shaken and devastated strange boy who she hopes to be a soul-mate, she hides Robert in her mother's apartment. Meanwhile, a crowd of policemen and reporters frantically comb through the building in search a murderer whose identity is known only to Robert's parents who are searching as well... - IMDb

Angels Who Burn Their Wings United Kingdom
Angels Who Burn Their Wings (theatrical title) Australia
Angels with Burnt Wings  
Damdaki Cinayet Turkey
Engel, die ihre Flügel verbrennen Austria
Engel, die ihre Flügel verbrennen West Germany
Omicidio al 17 piano Italy

Children's Cast:

Jan Koester [16] Robert Susmeit
Susanne Uhlen [15] Moni Dingeldey