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Max, der Taschendieb

My Rating: /10
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1962 March, 1
West Germany
91 minutes
Comedy / Crime


Max Schilling is truly a gentleman pocket thief. He could never steal from the poor and has his heart at the right place. He could be considered as an ordinary day family head if there would not be his profession. His brother-in-law Fred is a good- for-nothing who believes himself to be very smart. When Fred participates in a big robbery the trouble begins. Max has to use all his knowledge and his tricks to solve the problem, but it might already be too late... - IMDb

Max - lommetyvenes konge Denmark
Max ficksar allt Sweden
Max, a zsebtolvaj Hungary
Max, der Taschendieb West Germany
Max, o Carteirista Portugal
Der Taschendieb West Germany
Veijarivarkaat valloillaan Finland

Children's Cast:

Helga Anders [14] Brigitte