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Verbotene Liebe (TV series)

Aka: Forbidden Love (World-wide)
Director: Christoph Heininger, Wolfgang Münstermann, Edgar Kaufmann ... more
Year: 1995
Country: Germany
Genre: Drama / Romance

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TV Series circling around young people, friends and families in Cologne and Düsseldorf, Germany. The series' trademark is that it tells both about life in rich (such as dukes and duchesseses) as well as "normal" families and people. Other and maybe most important trademark is that there always is one or many case/s of forbidden love ("Verbotene Liebe"), such as homosexuality or adultery. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Michael Godde [11] Holger (TV Episode: 1.695) (1997)
Pino Severino-Geysen [11] Kind Leon (TV Episode: 1.1970) (2003)
Justin Salowsky [8] Ansgar von Lahnstein (TV Episode: 1.3418) (2009)
Frédéric A. Komp [18] Florian Brandner
Christian Wunderlich [16] Frank Levinsky
Daniel Brühl [17] Benji Kirchner

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