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Wild Kratts (TV series)

Wild Kratts (United Kingdom)

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2011 January, 3
26 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Family

Chris and Martin Kratt are brothers who explore the wild throughout the world to learn more about animals and share conservation information. They have three friends who travel in the Tortuga HQ with them named Aviva, Koki and Jimmy Z. The brothers have creature power suits that allow them to experience what it's like to be the animals they find. The team helps them by creating power suit creature disks for each animal they study. They also bring them supplies and help them out of tricky situations when their adventures get dicey. The group has to overcome villains as well, like a chef who wants to serve endangered species on his menu, or a clothing designer who wants to trap and use live animals to make her clothing line, or a tech villain who wants to turn animals into robots to do his bidding. All of the villains have no regard for nature or conservation. Wild Kratts is a great cartoon adventure show for kids where they can learn about new animals and why conservation is so important! - IMDb

Állati küldetés Hungary
Aventuras com os Kratts Brazil
Aventuras con los Kratt (dubbed version) Uruguay
Braća Kret Serbia
Dziki świat braci Kratt Poland
Els germans Kratt Spain
Les frères Kratt France
Go Wild! - Mission Wildnis West Germany
Los hermanos Kratt Spain
Os Manos Kratts Portugal
Pustolovine sa braćom Kret Serbia
Wild Kratts Italy
Wild Kratts South Africa
Wild Kratts Canada
Wild Kratts Canada
Wild Kratts United Kingdom
Wild Kratts Philippines
Wild Kratts USA
Wild Kratts India
Дикие Крэтты Russia

Children's Cast:

Christian Martyn [13] Boy (TV Episode: Snow Runners) (2013)
Jacob Ewaniuk [11] Boy (TV Episode: Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus) (2011)
Addison Holley Girl / Katie (TV Episode: Snow Runners) (2012)
Callum Shoniker Javier (TV Episode: Spring Bunnies) (2019)
Amariah Faulkner [12] Katie (TV Episode: Attack of the Tree Eating Aliens) (2013)
Charles Vandervaart [13] Javier (TV Episode: Gila Monster Under My House) (2013)
Emilia McCarthy [16] Nina / Yi (TV Episode: Attack of the Tree Eating Aliens) (2013)
Eva Greig Katie (TV Episode: Spring Bunnies) (2019)
Isaak Bailey Leo (TV Episode: Deer Buckaroo) (2011)
Rachel Marcus Ellie (TV Episode: Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy) (2011)
Lukas Engel Manuel (TV Episode: Spots in the Desert) (2011)
Lucien Duncan-Reid Steven