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Anything Is Possible

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2013 September, 24
93 minutes
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Ethan Bortnick plays the leading role as Nathan,a young boy who's separated from his mother when she goes missing during a trip to Japan to help after the tsunami. The movie explores issues like homelessness, military family life and adoption. Ethan co-wrote the music with Grammy award winning songwriter and producer, Gary Baker and will also score the entire film. Ethan will become the youngest actor to co-write the soundtrack and play the leading role in a feature film. When Army lieutenant, MARGARET PETERS (Lacy Chabert) goes missing during a tsunami rescue mission in Japan, back in Detroit, her son, NATHAN (Ethan Bortnick), discovers that his father GEORGE (Jonathan Bennett) isn't his biological father. Learning that Child Care Services could take him away, Nathan runs away before his father can explain. While George goes on a frantic search, Nathan takes to the streets of Detroit where he meets CAPTAIN MILES, a homeless Iraqi war veteran. Captain Miles takes the boy under his wing and tricks him into finding shelter at the home of wealthy philanthropist, EVELYN STRASSER. Evelyn discovers that JESSEE, her 10 year old daughter, has been hiding Nathan in the basement of her house and, by accident, finds out that the boy is a gifted pianist. Evelyn reunites stepfather and son, but until Child Care Services straightens everything out, Nathan will remain in the custody of the State at the orphanage. When Jesse, Nathan and the children of the orphanage, find out about the impending shut down of the orphanage, they take it upon themselves to organize a fundraiser. They go on a city wide marketing campaign, advertising a concert hosted by ten-year-old sensation, Nathan Peters. Nathan uses his new found gift and puts on a show that mesmerizes its audience and raises the funds needed to keep the orphanage opened. In the midst of all the success, there's something missing in Nathan's life-his mother. Where is Maggie? - IMDb

Натан (Этан Бортник) - маленький мальчик, у которого недавно без вести пропала мама во время поездки в Японии. Но это не последнее потрясение, которое придется пережить главному герою. Работники социальных служб решили отправить Натана в приют, так как Джордж (Джонатан Беннетт), которого он считал своим отцом, по-сути, таковым не является. Натан убегает из дому...

Все возможно Russia

Children's Cast:

Fatima Ptacek [13] Jesse
Ethan Bortnick [13] Nathan
Nathan Bortnick [8] Scooter
Alexander T. Bowman Jimmy

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