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Obsessive Love (TV)

Obsessive Love (USA)

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1984 October, 2
96 minutes
Production Company:

Linda is a mousy travel agent who is dominated by her mother. Her favorite TV show is the soap opera Savage Hills which stars actor Glenn Stevens as her favorite character "Michael". Linda resists socializing with the people around her, preferring to fantasize about "Michael" and Glenn Stevens. After telling her mother she is engaged, Linda takes a trip to L.A. She reinvents herself with a new wardrobe and a new look. Then she sets out to meet Glenn. She succeeds and Glenn Stevens' life begins to unravel. - IMDb

Amor obsesivo Spain
Besatt kjærlighet Norway
Linda'nın Aşkı Turkey
Obsessão Fatal Brazil
Obsessive Love (video box title) Netherlands
Obsessive Love USA
Obłędna miłość Poland
Pakko rakastaa Finland
Pazza d'amore Italy
Tyflo pathos Greece
Vaarallista rakkautta Finland
Von Sehnsucht verzehrt West Germany

Children's Cast:

Jerry Supiran [11] Bobby Stevens