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Wendell and Vinnie (TV series)

Wendell & Vinnie (United Kingdom)
Wendell and Vinnie (USA)

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2013 February, 16
22 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family

Jerry Trainor returns to portray a character not of, but similar to, Spencer Shay. Instead he plays Vinnie, the eccentric owner of a pop culture memorabilia store in Los Angeles, whose breaks are spent only reading comics and playing video games. Soon, his 12-year old nephew, Wendell, pays him a visit. From that moment forward, Vinnie's life is turned upside down: he assumes legal guardianship over Wendell. Wendell is wise-beyond-his-years, while Vinnie is clueless, but with the help of his sister (Wilma, a frightening personal injury attorney), the girl next door (Taryn, a newly-divorced Texan girl of Vinnie's dreams) and Wendell himself, he finally gets the hang of it and does whatever he can to make a fine father. On the other hand, Wendell might just be the parent Vinnie needs! - IMDb

Wendell & Vinnie West Germany
Wendell & Vinnie Ecuador
Wendell & Vinnie United Kingdom
Wendell and Vinnie Canada
Wendell and Vinnie USA
Wendell y Vinnie Mexico
Γουέντελ & Βίνι Greece
История Венделла и Винни Russia

Children's Cast:

Garrett Ryan [14] Harrison (TV Episode: Abra & Cadabra) (2013)
Dmitri Schuyler-Linch [13] Marco (TV Episode: Abra & Cadabra) (2013)
Seth Robert Dusky [15] Scott (TV Episode: First Dances & Last Chances) (2013)
Charlie Plummer [14] Jann (TV Episode: The Dutch & Us) (2013)
Buddy Handleson Wendell Bassett (TV Episode: First Dances & Last Chances) (2013)
Angelique Terrazas Lacy (TV Episode: First Dances & Last Chances) (2013)
Ryan Christopher Lee David (TV Episode: The Dutch & Us) (2013)
Bryce Clyde Jenkins Gary (TV Episode: Abra & Cadabra) (2013)
Sloane Morgan Siegel [13] George (TV Episode: Fathers of Fathers & Sons) (2013)
Sonari Jo Victor (TV Episode: Fathers of Fathers & Sons) (2013)
Trevor Larcom Kid (TV Episode: Wendell and Vinnie's) (2013)
Marcus Scribner [13] Graham (TV Episode: Valentines & the Cultural Experience) (2013)
Samuel Gilbert Baby Bear (TV Episode: Mock Law & Order) (2013)
Cody Sullivan Theo (TV Episode: Fathers of Fathers & Sons) (2013)
Elise Luthman [14] Court Recorder (TV Episode: Mock Law & Order) (2013)