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Crash & Bernstein (TV series 2012-2014)

Crash & Bernstein (USA)

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2012 October, 1
30 minutes
Comedy / Family
Production Company:

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Wyatt Bernstein is a typical boy who enjoys hanging out at the local arcade with his friend Pesto. In a household full of females, Wyatt desperately wishes for a brother he could do fun guy stuff with and who would provide him much needed male reinforcement at home. When he is reluctantly taken to a Build-A-Bestie store by his family for his birthday, he creates a boy-filled version of a Bestie. Wyatt's dream finally comes true when his creation, Crash, comes to life. Together, the new brothers help each other navigate life's experiences - Crash helps Wyatt come out of his shell and Wyatt introduces Crash to life as a kid. Although they sometimes have their differences, like true brothers, they always have each others back. - IMDb

Фиолетовый, лохматый и неуклюжий. Кто это? Конечно, Крэш! Такой необычный друг появляется у тихого школьника Вайатта Бернштейна, растущего в окружении сестёр и мамы, и скучающего без мужской компании. Вайатт приносит Крэша из магазина, мечтая о том, чтобы игрушка ожила. И в один прекрасный день мечта мальчишки сбывается!

Crash & Bernstein Spain
Crash & Bernstein USA
Crash & Bernstein West Germany
Crash & Bernstein Brazil
Crash & Bernstein United Kingdom
Crash & Bernstein India
Crash i Bernstein Poland
Крэш и Бернштейн Russia

Children's Cast:

Mckenna Grace [6] Jasmine Bernstein (TV Episode: Duck, Duck, Crash) (2012)
Landry Bender Cleo Bernstein
Oana Gregory Amanda Bernstein (TV Episode: Double Header) (2012)
Cole Jensen Wyatt Bernstein (TV Episode: Monkey Business) (2012)
Aaron R Landon [14] Pesto (TV Episode: Monkey Business) (2012)
Sadie Calvano [16] Jennifer (TV Episode: System Crash) (2013)