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Yesterday's Today

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7 minutes
Short / Action / Drama / Music
Production Company:

Brianna and her on again off again boyfriend, Derrick, come home after a late night of partying with their friends Shawn and Monique. The four are tired, irritated and dealing with their own issues. When a late night fight challenges the two couples to deal with relationship issues, the cause of those issues are revealed. Brianna is pissed at Derrick for not giving her the attention she desires. She has been drinking and only understands how to express herself in ways that mimics her mother. Meanwhile, Monique is upset at her boyfriend Shawn who is clearly drunk and tired of Monique pestering him about it. Shawn has other reasons for drinking that goes beyond Monique's knowledge and she can't seem to understand. Simultaneously, Derrick has a shameful secrete that is revealed when a trigger takes him to new extremes. Shawn walks in on Brianna and Derrick, making matters more complex and the only one to put all the pieces back together is Monique, who has been equipped by her father to handle the pressure. The four friends will have to face themselves, their past and each other in order to change. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Chinai Barbie Young Brianna

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