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Mental (USA)

My Rating: /10
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2011 January, 19
8 minutes
Short / Drama / Family

What happens when cops break the law? Or physicians get sick? Or psychologists go crazy? What happens when the person treating someone ends up needing the treatment the most? After receiving his PHD in Psychology from Harvard University and marrying his college sweetheart, Dave thought he had it all together. That is, until the past came back to haunt him. His traumatic childhood and socially destructive behavior in college were suppressed and forgotten, as he instead focused his attention on exploring the deep-rooted issues of the patients he dealt with daily. When something occurs in his life that triggers the past, Dave suddenly realizes he's in over his head. He ironically finds himself sitting on the opposite side of the couch as he wonders - is being "normal" possible, or is he in too deep? - IMDb

Mental USA

Children's Cast:

Daeg Faerch [15] Jesse
Kelly Anne Sweeney [8] Sally
Ryker Baloun [5] Young Dave Age 5