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Saving Hope (TV series)

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2012 June, 7
43 minutes
Drama / Fantasy

A supernatural medical drama that centers around the lives of the doctors and nurses of Hope Zion Hospital. - IMDb

Hope Klinika Hungary
Pastreaza speranta Romania
Szpital Nadziei Poland
В надежде на спасение Russia

Children's Cast:

Percy Hynes White [14] Aidan (TV Episode: Shine a Light) (2015)
Samuel Faraci Henry (TV Episode: Trading Places) (2015)
Kyle Harrison Breitkopf Ryan Sullivan (TV Episode: I Watch Death) (2013)
Kolton Stewart [17] Deshawn Lewis (TV Episode: Let Me Go) (2016)
Peter DaCunha [13] Mordecai Poplar (TV Episode: You Can't Always Get What You Want) (2016)
Jake Goodman Cal Lewis (TV Episode: Contact) (2012)
Lucius Hoyos Cade (TV Episode: Breathless) (2014)
John Paul Ruttan [13] Jacob Miller (TV Episode: Joel 2:31 (AKA Apocalypse Now)) (2014)
Ella Ballentine Rachel Stewart (TV Episode: The Other Side of Midnight) (2014)
Jack Fulton [8] Lou Kapogrecko (TV Episode: En Bloc) (2014)
T.J. McGibbon [12] Vicky Avery (TV Episode: Change of Heart) (2017)
Jaeden Noel Spirit Miles (TV Episode: Birthday Blues) (2016)
Yatharth Bhatt Tom (TV Episode: Trading Places) (2015)
Ethan Tavares Young Boy (TV Episode: We Need to Talk About Charlie Harris) (2017)
Kylie Lenihan [11] Colleen (TV Episode: Nottingham 7) (2014)
Christian Corrao Lucas Sawyer (TV Episode: Miss You) (2015)
Eliana Jones [17] Molly Kinney / Molly (TV Episode: Nottingham 7) (2014)
Jaeda LeBlanc Aisha Kai (TV Episode: Birthday Blues) (2017)
Aidan Wojtak-Hissong [10] Colin Kilbride (TV Episode: Tested and Tried) (2017)
Sadie Munroe Spirit Little Girl (TV Episode: Goodbye Girl) (2016)