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F5 (Video)

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2009 June, 5
18 minutes
Short / Adventure
Production Company:
$ 50 000

It is a normal routine day in North Texas. The National Weather Center predicts a possible outbreak of storms. Most citizens ignore the reports. The Red Cross gets prepared. Storm Spotters see a small tornado touchdown south of the Dallas area. The Red Cross goes on high alert. Enrique, a Hispanic man, goes to work. Paul, a teenager, jams with his rock band. Rose, his grandmother, makes lunch. Wendell Van Dyke takes his wife shopping. The storm spotters see another tornado develop. This time it is a monster. It is heading for Irving, a Dallas suburb. The Red Cross goes into high gear. Grandma Rose gets prepared with her disaster kit. Paul keeps jamming with his band, oblivious of the storm. The strong tornado hits and devastates the area. Thousands are killed and wounded. Paul is not hurt but cant get to his neighborhood to check on his Grandmother who takes care of him. The Van Dykes are injured when their car flies through the air. They find themselves in a shelter. Enrique goes to the shelter after he is not allowed to get into his neighborhood. Paul goes to the shelter because his Grandmother always told him to meet her at the Red Cross shelter if there was an emergency Hank, a Red Cross Volunteer, helps Paul. The Van Dykes decide to help. Enrique cant find his family. Yolanda, a Red Cross Volunteer, checks the database. A bus finally comes with more survivors. Paul finds Grandma Rose. Enrique still cant find his wife and daughter and fears the worst. The Van Dykes order cots and blankets to be shipped in. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Shelby Schneider Girl on the Gurney

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