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1992 May, 15
80 minutes
Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Production Company:


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In this in-name-only sequel to Munchies (1987), a new kid in town, Gage Dobson, can't find his place in the new environment despite having such a cool name. The kids at school bully him, the girl he likes doesn't register him and his mom is about to marry a scoundrel. Everything changes for Gage Dobson when he stumbles into Munchie, a friendly gremlin-like creature that dresses like a lounge singer, sounds like a stand-up comedian and has magic powers. They become friends and Munchie decides to help the kid with all these problems. Gage Dobson is about to get even! If only there wasn't a mad scientist who wants to use Munchie for experiments to learn how the creature ticks. - IMDb

Не особо счастливый десятилетний Кейдж обретает друга в виде неведомой зверушки по имени Манчи, и его жизнь волшебным образом меняется!

Meu Amigo Munchie Brazil
Mi amigo Munchie Spain
Mi amigo Munchie Venezuela
Il mio amico Munchie Italy
Манчи Russia

Children's Cast:

Mike Simmrin [12] Leon
Jennifer Love Hewitt [13] Andrea
Jamie McEnnan [13] Gage

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