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Orange Is the New Black (TV series)

OItNB (USA: informal short title)

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2013 July, 11
59 minutes
Comedy / Crime / Drama

The story of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money to her drug-dealing girlfriend. - IMDb

Narandžasta je nova crna Serbia
Nha Tu Kieu My Vietnam
OItNB (informal short title) USA
L'orange lui va si bien (French title) Canada
Oranzna je nova crna Slovenia
Оранжевото е новото черно (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Оранжевый - хит сезона Russia

Children's Cast:

Oona Laurence [10] 10 Year Old Tiffany (TV Episode: A Tittin' and a Hairin') (2015)
Clare Foley Young Piper (TV Episode: Thirsty Bird) (2014)
Nicolette Pierini [9] Juana (TV Episode: Minority Deport) (2019)
Rachel Resheff Alex 10 Years Old (TV Episode: Fucksgiving) (2013)
Katelynn Bailey Eva Diaz (TV Episode: WAC Pack) (2013)
Michael Rainey Jr. [12] Michael (TV Episode: A Tittin' and a Hairin') (2013)
Erin Gerasimovich 5 Year Old Grace (TV Episode: Hugs Can Be Deceiving) (2014)
Mckayla Twiggs Isla (TV Episode: Hugs Can Be Deceiving) (2014)
Austen Eisenberg Amish child (TV Episode: Where My Dreidel At) (2015)
Skylar Dunn Susan (TV Episode: F*ck, Marry, Frieda) (2017)
Alison Fernandez Eva (TV Episode: The Chickening) (2013)
Jesse Ray Sheps David (TV Episode: Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling) (2017)
Teeka Duplessis [8] 11 Year Old Taystee (TV Episode: Looks Blue, Tastes Red) (2014)
Jeter Rivera Benji (TV Episode: God Bless America) (2019)
Phoebe Amirault Nicky's Classmate at Bat Mitzvah (TV Episode: I'm the Talking Ass) (2018)
Avery E. King Shopper (TV Episode: I'm the Talking Ass) (2018)
Chetna Goel Passenger (TV Episode: Comic Sans) (2014)

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