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Z Cars (TV series 1962-1978)

Z Cars (USA)

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1962 January, 2
United Kingdom
50 minutes
Crime / Drama


A gritty drama which follows the work of the police force in the fictional northern English town of Newtown. - IMDb

Freie Hand für Barlow East Germany
Radiopartio Finland
Task Force Police West Germany
Z Cars India
Z Cars USA
Z Cars South Africa
Z Cars Australia
Z Cars Canada
Z Cars Canada
Z Cars West Germany
Z Cars Spain
Z Cars United Kingdom
Zカーズ Japan

Children's Cast:

David Bradley [17] Johnny Marsh (TV Episode: A Quiet Sort of Lad: Part 1) (1970)
Lesley Roach Rita Bannion / Marlene Scully / Susan Handley (TV Episode: Old Soldiers) (1970)
Jack Wild [15] Jimmy Fulton / Boy (TV Episode: You Want 'Em - You Find 'Em: Part 1) (1967)
Janina Faye [15] Kate Carr (TV Episode: Lucky Accident) (1963)
Patsy Kensit [6] Joanna Page (TV Episode: Joanna) (1974)
Rosalyn Landor [15] Pat (TV Episode: Women at Work) (1973)
Wayne Kebell George (TV Episode: Care) (1973)
Raymond Boal [12] Mike (TV Episode: Turnabout) (1974)
Keith Chegwin [17] Kevin Casey (TV Episode: Pursuit) (1974)
Gary Warren [13] Billy Nutall (TV Episode: When Did You Last See Your Father?: Part 1) (1967)
Robin Langford [19] Richard Griffin (TV Episode: Team Work) (1972)
Phillip Mawdsley Col (TV Episode: Background) (1974)
Paul Tropea [7] 1969 (TV Episode: It's Been a Long Time: Part 1) (1969)
James Luck Willy (TV Episode: Winner Take All) (1962)
Darryl Read [18] Tommy Jones (TV Episode: Fear or Favour: Part 1) (1969)
Stefan Gates [7] Scully's Son (TV Episode: Certain Parties) (1974)
Gary Carp [14] Mark Stevens (TV Episode: Exposure) (1978)
Len Jones Johnny Belling / Geoff / Reg Dargent (TV Episode: Happy Families) (1964)
Robert Hamilton [10] Vinny Redmond / Murder Squad DC / Tearaway / ... (TV Episode: Contrary to Regulations) (1965)
Helen Worth [12] Maisie (TV Episode: By the Book) (1963)
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