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Moordvrouw (TV series)

Director: Marcel Visbeen, Tim Oliehoek, Hanro Smitsman ... more
Year: 2012
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 43 minutes
Genre: Crime

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In Leeuwarden is a team of highly motivated and professional police officers, led by Carla Vreeswijk, under constant voltage in order to cope with looming disasters. Deduction rather than to relax and puzzling, but racing against the clock. A talented detective, Fenna Kremer, becomes traumatized, but is apparently restored eight months later, back to work. She ends up on the desk Leeuwarden, where her new team to despair: through her solo approach, her intuition, her utterly reprehensible methods and especially ... by her success with this! - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Nils Verkooijen [15] Hein Balk / Jannes Beijker (TV Episode: Vermoorde onschuld) (2012)
Hanna Obbeek [16] Mirthe Vermeer (TV Episode: Recht in eigen hand) (2014)
Liz Vergeer Nora van Santen (TV Episode: De bekentenis) (2014)

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