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A Self-Made Failure

Also known as: The Goof (USA: alternative title)
Misunderstood (USA: working title)
Director: William Beaudine
Release: 29 Jun 1924
Country: USA
Runtime: 80 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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Young Sonny's dying father leaves him in the care of Breezy, a hobo he has mistaken for a wealthy businessman. Breezy takes Sonny and his dog along with him on his travels, and they find themselves in the health resort of Sulphur Springs, where Cyrus, the owner, mistakes Breezy for the medical advisor he's been waiting for. They soon discover that Cyrus actually isn't who he appears to be and that something shady is going on at the resort. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Ben Alexander [13] Sonny

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