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Chicago Fire (TV series)

Chicago Fire (USA)

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43 minutes
Action / Drama
Production Company:


When on TV?

10 Jun, 08:50 13ème Rue
10 Jun, 09:35 13ème Rue
10 Jun, 10:20 13ème Rue
10 Jun, 11:10 13ème Rue
10 Jun, 11:55 13ème Rue
10 Jun, 12:45 13ème Rue
10 Jun, 13:30 13ème Rue
10 Jun, 14:20 13ème Rue
10 Jun, 15:05 13ème Rue
10 Jun, 15:55 13ème Rue

The story of firefighters in Chicago, both on a personal and professional level. - IMDb

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シカゴ・ファイアー Japan
芝加哥烈焰 Taiwan
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Children's Cast:

CJ Adams [13] Nathan (TV Episode: Joyriding) (2013)
Lucas Jade Zumann [15] Lucas Hicks (TV Episode: The Path of Destruction) (2016)
Oscar Blanco [15] Latino Kid (TV Episode: Two Families) (2012)
Madison Dae Clarion 3rd Grader (TV Episode: Pilot) (2012)
Aislinn DeButch Daughter (TV Episode: Viral) (2013)
Griffin Kane Darden Kid #1 (TV Episode: Mon Amour) (2012)
Jason Drucker Hogan Korpi (TV Episode: My Miracle) (2017)
Maxwell Jenkins [11] J.J. (TV Episode: I Will Be Walking) (2016)
John Babbo Griffin Darden (TV Episode: No Regrets) (2013)
William Burke Roman (TV Episode: Warm and Dead) (2013)
Avi Lake Imogene
Cody Sullivan Ernie (TV Episode: Rear View Mirror) (2012)
Violet Hicks [8] Sally (TV Episode: The Last One for Mom) (2016)
Aimee Laurence Zoey Silver (TV Episode: A Dark Day) (2014)
Michael Epps Taye (TV Episode: When They See Us Coming) (2018)
Jaden Klein Kevin Sullivan (TV Episode: Your Day Is Coming) (2015)
Nicole Scimeca 6-Year-Old (TV Episode: Forgive You Anything) (2015)
Natalie Alyn Lind Laurel (TV Episode: Nobody Else Is Dying Today) (2016)
William Nero Jr. [12] Kid (TV Episode: Fireworks) (2013)
Preston Oliver [13] Riley Boyd (TV Episode: Inside These Walls) (2019)
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