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Koniec lata

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2011 April, 10
34 minutes
Documentary / Short

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Almost everyone would like to turn back the hand of time and once again become a child. Why do we come back to those years with such nostalgia? When does the childhood end and when does the adulthood start ? What do we loose when our childhood comes to an end? The Last Day of Summer is an emotional journey to the times of childhood and a story about difficulties of entering the world of adults. The film consists of 5 parts. Each of them presents a cadet in different age and his ordinary day. It starts from the youngest one that is 7 and finishes with the oldest one that is 17. Within one hour we show how the cadets life changes together with their age. Apart from everyday activities we would like to show some interesting events and behaviors typical for cadets at different age ( e.g.: the first day at school a 7 year old boy, the first date with a girl a 15 year old boy). We want to take a closer look at the relations between peers, between children and adults (teachers, parents) to see what are the stages of growing up, how do they differ and what is typical for different age groups. During 50 minutes of the film we observe the process of growing up from 7 year old kid who learns how to read to a 17 year old graduate who has to decide about his future. This film is a journey to the times of childhood. The first and the youngest characters are to recall our memories from those times, which will allow us to identify with them. - IMDb

The Last Day of Summer  

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