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Ella (TV series)

Director: Kim van Oeteren, Johan Gevers, Douglas Boswell ... more
Release: 24 Sep 2010
Country: Belgium
Genre: Drama / Romance

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Years ago, a late nurse's young daughter, Ella, was discredited with stepfather Norbert by his wicked daughter Clio and send off to and exploited by her aunt 'tarantula', her only comfort being the friendship of young Jens. Once 18, Ella leaves and ends up in Lier, where Dr. Norbert is running a private clinic owned by recluse Nicolas De Prins's family. Intrigues abound long before Ella meets and recognizes either relative, her mysterious dad or Jens, who ends up comatose after chasing her. Meanwhile Ella made new friends and moved in with a loony hairdresser and her gay deputy Anthony. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Ben Van den Heuvel Jens jong (TV Episode: Pilot) (2010)

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