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A Different Kind of Christmas (TV)

Santa & Me (Australia: video title)
Santa and Me (USA: working title)

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1996 December, 9
90 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Romance


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When you're the city attorney you don't need the kinds of problems that her father was giving her. After her mother died, her father began doing his "Santa Schick," as she called it, much more intensely... which meant that he turned his home into a kind of year-round Santa Claus castle where children of all ages could come to see the wonderful presents and no child ever left without a gift. But what's wrong with this kind of philanthropic generosity was that it totally embarrassed her when, as city attorney, it fell to her to make him stop his 'commercial' enterprise in an area zoned for private homes. But there's more to it than that and the outcome is not quite what you'd expect. - IMDb

Важный чиновник мэрии Элизабет Гейт воспитывает сына одна. В её ближайшие планы входит стать мэром этого городка, поэтому не всегда удается уделить нужное внимание Томми. Забот ей прибавляет появление старика, выдающего себя за Санта Клауса. Мало того, что Томми повадился тайно ходить к этому подозрительному незнакомцу, так еще и горожане выражают недовольство новым беспокойным соседом.

Hristougenna alliotika apo t' alla Greece
Una navidad diferente Spain
O babas mou, o Agios Vasilis (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Santa & Me (video title) Australia
Santa and Me (working title) USA
Un altfel de Mos Craciun Romania
Un Noël pas comme les autres France
Weihnachtsmann aus Leidenschaft Germany
Една различна Коледа (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Такое неожиданное Рождество Russia

Children's Cast:

Nathan Lawrence [11] Tommy Gates
Troy Simmons Lester

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