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Dummy (USA)
Triloquist (United Kingdom)

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2008 March, 7
80 minutes
Comedy / Horror

In 1993, in Hollywood, California, the addicted in heroin mother of two children is a decadent ventriloquist that can not find work anymore. When she overdoses and dies, the siblings Norbert and Angelina are sent to a foster house with their dummy. Later they are sent to their uncle's house; the man sexually abuses Angelina and the dummy kills him. Years later, Norbert (who can't speak) and his seventeen year-old alcoholic sister Angelina are living on the streets; when the dummy slaughters a boy, Norbert is accused and arrested by the police and sent to an asylum with his dummy. Later Angelina decides to release her brother and finds a woman in order to give an offspring to her family. She breaks into the institution, kills the male nurse and Norbert escapes. When they meet Robin on the road, Angelina decides that the teenager will be the mother of her nephew and they abduct the girl. - IMDb

Женщина-чревовещатель умирает от передоза на глазах своих детей, оставляя им в наследство свою куклу. Дети вырастают и пытаются пойти по стопам мамаши. Возможно, не только в смысле передоза...

Diavoliki triada Greece
Dummy USA
Triloquist United Kingdom
Triloquist USA
Triloquist - Lass uns spielen... West Germany
Трилоквист Russia

Children's Cast:

Jordan Green Goblin Boy