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Ryzhik v Zazerkale

Aka: Ryzhik in Wonderland (USA: IMDb dispaly title)
Ryzhik Through the Looking Glass (World-wide)
Director: Elena Turova
Year: 2011
Country: Belarus
Runtime: 120 minutes
Genre: Fantasy

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In the fairy-tale kingdom Nedaliya twin princes loved a beautiful girl Mona, the daughter of the seller mirrors. Belle gave Sebastian the heart of gay romance. Rejected by his brother became ill and the Sorcerer Mortis Nedalii bewitched all the mirrors. But this, and it seemed to him a little. Evil has to penetrate from the fairy kingdom in the real world. Break the spell can only Crown Princess: she is kind and cheerful girl Sandy, who lives in a modern city are not aware of his "fantastic" origin ...Dangerous adventures and comic situations, gnomes, and sorcerers, treacherous mirror and magic nut, mysterious Silkworms, Sandman, chug - virus indefatigable mischief ... This and more in today's film-fantasy for the whole family! - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Veronika Shilkovskaya Shelkovichikha
Diana Zaprudskaya Ryzhik

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