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Le sang d'un poète

The Blood of a Poet (USA)

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1932 January, 20
55 minutes
Production Company:

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24 Jan, 13:07 Ciné+ classic

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A young artist draws a face at a canvas on his easel. Suddenly the mouth on the drawing comes into life and starts talking. The artist tries to wipe it away with his hand, but when he looks into the hand he finds the living mouth on his palm. He tries to wipe it off on the mouth of an unfinished statue of a young woman. The statue comes into life and tells him that the only way out of the studio is through the looking glass. The artist jumps into the mirror and comes to the Hotel of Dramatic Lunacies. He peeps through the keyholes of a series of hotel rooms. In the last room he sees desperate meetings of hermaphrodites. One of them has a signboard saying "Mortal danger". Back in the studio the artist crushes the statue with a sledgehammer. Because of this he himself becomes a statue, located at the side of a square. Some schoolboys start a snowball fight around the statue. One of the boys is killed by a snowball. A fashionable couple start playing cards at a table beside the corpse. The woman tells the man that unless he holds the ace of hearts he is doomed. The man takes the ace of hearts from the dead boy. The child's guardian, a black angel, appears and takes away the corpse as well as the card. Losing the ace of hearts the man shoots himself. The woman is transformed into the unfinished statue from the studio, and walks away. - IMDb

The Blood of a Poet USA
The Blood of a Poet (World-wide)  
Das Blut eines Dichters (TV title) West Germany
Das Blut eines Dichters Germany
A Költő vére Hungary
Krew poety Poland
O Sangue de Um Poeta Portugal
En poets blod Sweden
La sang d'un poeta (Catalan title) Spain
La sangre de un poeta Spain
Sangue de Um Poeta Brazil
To aima tou poiiti (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Кровь поэта (Russian title) Soviet Union
Кръвта на поета (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

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